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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy – Wilqet

Last Updated: 20/09/2023

Attention, Fitness Warriors!

Welcome to Wilqet, where we understand that sometimes even the bravest of heroes need to change their course. Fear not, for we’ve crafted a Cancellation Policy that empowers you to modify your sportswear quests with ease and grace. Prepare yourself for a journey through the realms of cancellations, where your satisfaction is our paramount mission!

The Hero’s Right to Change – Embrace the Power of Cancellation:

We believe in the freedom of choice! If you ever feel the need to cancel your sportswear mission, you can do so within (+91)9999442544 hours from the time of purchase. Your decision is as respected as Superman’s commitment to truth and justice!

Summoning the Cancellation Spell – How to Cancel an Order:

Unleash the cancellation magic by following these steps: a. Log in to your Wilqet account, where your heroic adventures are recorded. b. Navigate to the order section, and with the agility of Black Panther, find the order you wish to cancel. c. Click on the “Cancel Order” button, and watch the cancellation spell take effect!

Empowering Your Return Journey – Return Procedure:

Should you seek to return your sportswear treasure, follow these steps:

a. Reach out to our support heroes, and they’ll guide you through the process.
b. Package your sportswear gear with love and care – remember, a well-packed return is as powerful as Thor’s hammer!
c. Ship your package using a traceable method, like Wonder Woman’s lasso, so you can easily track its path.

Mighty Refunds – The Return of the Heroes’ Wallets:

Once your order cancellation is confirmed, we’ll initiate the refund process faster than Quicksilver in action! Your hard-earned coins will be back in your possession before you can say “Hulk Smash!”

Time-Turner – Cancellation After Shipping:

We understand that time travel is beyond our grasp, but if your order has already embarked on its journey to your doorstep, don’t worry! You can still cancel the order and initiate a return once you receive it. Our customer support superheroes are ever-ready to guide you through this process.

The Allies’ Arrival – Partial Cancellations and Modifications:

In the realm of sportswear shopping, flexibility is key! If you wish to modify part of your order, contact our support squad, and they’ll work alongside you like a dynamic duo to make it happen!

The Secret to Uniting Sizes and Styles – Cancellation Exceptions:

While we aim to grant you the freedom to cancel, there are certain items that lie beyond the reach of cancellations.

The Portal of Communication – Reach Out to Our Support Heroes:

Should you encounter any challenges or require assistance with cancellations, our support heroes are merely a message away! Connect with them at and watch them spring into action like Spider-Man.

With Wilqet, your shopping experience is as dynamic and engaging as the Avengers’ battle sequences! So, embrace the power of cancellations, customize your sportswear journeys, and let’s embark on a legendary adventure together!
Stay Adventurous. Stay Unyielding. Stay Legendary.

Cancellation Policy Architect – Wilqet