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Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions – Wilqet

Last Updated: 20/09/2023

Greetings, Fearless Champions!

Welcome to the epic realm of Wilqet, where style and strength unite to create a legendary sportswear journey. As you embark on your quest for the perfect gear, we request you to read these unique and captivating Terms & Conditions that govern your heroic adventures with us. By venturing forth, you embrace the code of conduct that binds our heroic community together!

The Hero's Code - Acceptance of Terms:

By accessing or using Wilqet, you pledge to abide by our Terms & Conditions, as if you were signing a pact with Thor’s hammer. Your acceptance is essential in forging a united league of sportswear warriors!

Unveiling the Unknown - Product Information:

While we endeavor to provide accurate information about our sportswear treasures, we understand that the journey may reveal surprises. Colors might differ slightly, and dimensions might vary like the shifting sands of time. But fear not, for our support heroes are always here to assist you on your quest for truth!

Infinity Stones of Payments - Payment & Billing:

As you equip yourself with the mightiest sportswear, ensure your payment method holds the power of Thor’s Mjölnir. We accept various forms of payment, and your transaction will be as swift as Iron Man’s repulsor beams!

Mighty Refunds - The Return of the Heroes' Wallets:

Once your order cancellation is confirmed, we’ll initiate the refund process faster than Quicksilver in action! Your hard-earned coins will be back in your possession before you can say “Hulk Smash!”

Guardians of Privacy - Your Secret Identity:

Our Privacy Policy safeguards your secret identity like Batman guards Gotham. By sharing your information with us, you confirm your trust in our heroic guardians. Feel free to explore our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we protect your data.

Assembling Your Team - User Accounts:

To access exclusive sportswear content and receive personalized offers, create an account that’ll serve as your Bat-Signal to call for heroic assistance. Remember, your account is personal, like Captain Marvel’s cosmic powers – don’t share it with villains!

Portals of Communication - Customer Support:

Our customer support heroes are ready to answer your distress signals. Reach out to them at, and they’ll be as responsive as the Flash!

Shielding Your Password - Account Security:

Your password is your ultimate shield against unauthorized access to your account. Like Doctor Strange guarding the Time Stone, protect your password fiercely and never share it with others!

Heroic Conduct - User-Generated Content:

As you interact with our platform, be a true hero in the digital realm! Respect others like Wonder Woman respects all life, and avoid sharing content that’s harmful or violates the Heroic Code of Conduct.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Third-Party Links:

Wilqet might provide links to third-party websites that expand your heroic universe. But beware, once you leave our domain, you journey at your own risk! We’re not responsible for the adventures that unfold beyond our borders.

The Hero's Resilience - Indemnification:

As you take on sportswear missions, remember that you shall indemnify Wilqet from any claims, damages, or losses that might arise from your actions. We journey together, but each hero takes responsibility for their path.

With Wilqet, the path to legendary sportswear greatness is illuminated like the stars above Wakanda! By accepting our Terms & Conditions, you become an esteemed member of our heroic league. So, gear up, embrace the code of conduct, and let’s forge a bond that shall stand the test of time!

Stay Legendary. Stay Invincible. Stay a Sportswear Hero!

Keeper of the Heroic Code – Wilqet